Freecodecamp webpage as My Product Landing Page - Feedback Please


Kindly provide your valuable feedback for my project page [My Product Landing Page] (


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Great work! Very clean, professional, lots of spacing and fun to navigate in.

There are a few things you could do IMO to improve it a bit:

  1. I think the footer should fill the entire bottom part, just like the header (top bar with logo and nav):
  2. Personally, I think the section “Launch your career with Free Certifications” could use some work. I feel the size of the boxes should be equal, and I’m not sure about having a different number of items in each row. Maybe 2 in a row, same size boxes would look better?
  3. Lastly, it’s hard to know for sure that the “privacy terms contact” in the bottom bar are links. I suggest either adding a separator between them (e.g “privacy | terms | contact”), or spacing them a bit more.

These are just suggestions, because the project really looks great already. Good work! Enjoy your coding!

Thank you for providing feedback…

  1. footer is made full length now.
  2. I am actually trying to use the diff options available. I am deliberately using the variable size boxes & variable no. of boxes on each row. I am using flexbox wrap option.
  3. Now “privacy terms contact” would appear as links.

However thanks for pointing out things. Happy coding.