Freecodecamp's Certifications

I know HTML and CSS. Just need the CERTIFICATIONS as a proof !

How useful and valid is’s certifications?
How can I get the freecodecamp’s certification without doing projects ?

They are useful because you will learn something when creating the projects. The projects are worth more than the certificates. The certificates alone have little merit, it’s not like you are going to convince anyone of competency by just showing them the certificates.

The proof is in the pudding and your pudding is code, not certificates.

You can’t. I also don’t see how having a certificate for something you didn’t complete to be useful to anyone?


So, there is no testing system, right?

That depends on which part of the curriculum you are referring to. Why do you ask?

You have to agree to the Academic Honesty Policy to receive the certification. Any attempt to cheat or to bypass testing can result in a ban and revocation of the certification.

I may have misunderstood your motivation and goal with your line of questioning here but it sounds to me like you are asking if you can obtain certification that serves as proof of completion for something without actually completing the requirements.

If so I can not help you and would urge you to rethink your approach. The fCC certificates are not some industry-standard proof of knowledge and no one in their right mind would hire someone just because they had an fCC certificate.


I have studied computer science at ETHZ, a well-known university in 1999. I used to teach HTML, CSS and JavaScript in SE-Asian countries 15 years ago.
I just need a proof to show to HR managers that I can do it.

If you want the certificates you have to complete the projects. It shouldn’t take very long if you know what you are doing. It will also provide you with projects that serve as actual proof with code. Otherwise, link them to some of your own projects say on Github. If you do not have any code you can show I doubt a certificate will convince anybody.

If they know what they are doing they will want to see code, not certificates.


On freeCodeCamp, you earn the certificates by doing the projects. If you lie about doing the projects to get the certificates, why would any HR person trust you?

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There is no governing body that issues or recognizes certifications in programming languages. freeCodeCamp’s certificates can be claimed when you complete a series of projects. These projects must pass automated functional tests. Having a history of teaching web programming would be a much more effective proof of your skills than the certificates. Showing work that leverages your skills would also be much more effective.


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