Certification questions

If I skip some material in the free code camp curriculum because I already know it, do I still qualify for certification?

The only requirement for the certification is to complete the 5 final projects. You don’t need to go through the challenges or the practice projects for things you already know, unless you want a review.


I would encourage you to go through the program as review… I also knew most of the material coming in here, but have done the lessons, many, many times, just for fun, and to crystallize the information.

There are often things that are weak points in people repertoire, That can be strengthen by review…

And unlike programming, I would argue that broad Memorization of the structures and component capacities of CSS specifically, is extremely useful… It saves time, streamlines the process, and allows for Greater Creative capacity.

Feel free to skip around if you are an old hand at some of the content. The projects are the only hard requirement for the certifications.

Thanks for replying, I just started here. I’m glad I don’t have to do the full course.
BTW, how do I receive the certification and what is its appicability?

I do plan it skim through the material, and do everything I don’t know and everthing I was shaky at.

You complete the five projects, and go to the settings to claim the certification.

freeCodeCamp is a known source in the programming world, but it is not an official recognised institution (yet), so it depends on who is seeing your certification, you can add them to your linkedin accound for example


Ok thx a lot! I’ve thought about working in a Computer Science positon, and got the recommendation from a book on web design

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Actually, two things that are really helpful:
Everything in the HTML, CSS of Mozzilla Developers is Amazing:

And Using Chrome Developers tools :

Unless your End Goals are Programming Exclusively, and you’re just working through the HTML/CSS portions for experience.

It’s definitely a great place to start on your portfolio if you are wanting to get a job as a self taught WebDev.

I’m sry, I don’t understand, were there supposed to be links attached?

Go ahead and check again, there were editing errors.

If you want a paid WebDev job, you’ll definitely need more than CSS. I’d go through all of the Javascript libraries stuff too.

Unless your End Goals are Programming Exclusively, and you’re just working through the HTML/CSS portions for experience.
could you please explain further? I don’t understand fully what this means

Basically, (I think) they are just saying that you’ll need more resources than just CSS for a job.

You’ll find resources as you go through. Don’t frett too much about that prematurely.

Ok, thx JeremyLT
I do know other languages
(C#, Java, JavaScript, Python), do these count as resources

I was thinking of stuff like documentation as resources. But more languages is definitely good!

Oh, Ok, I understand. Thanks for your help!

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