Freelance frontend web developer advice

I have a question for those who are working on the Front-end development part of FCC curriculum . After I claim my Front-end Libraries Certification. Is there another certification within the FCC curriculum that I would need to claim for Front-End Development?

Any advice or suggestions please lmk I’d really appreciate it

Thank You to the FCC community in advance.

Hello there,

Edit: Front-End Development certification is part of the legacy certifications

If you go to the settings:

You can scroll down, and see every certification, as well as the projects needed to claim them.

Once you have completed these sections:

  • Build A Personal Portfolio Webpage
  • Build A Random Quote Machine
  • Build A 25 5 Clock
  • Build A Java Script Calculator
  • Show The Local Weather
  • Use The Twitch TV JSON API
  • Stylize Stories On Camper News
  • Build A Wikipedia Viewer
  • Build A Tic Tac Toe Game
  • Build A Simon Game

You can claim the certification.

Hope this helps

Thank You so much the reply. it truly means alot

Each section is meant to be part of a single curriculum to learn web development. They are not designed to be independent.

thank you so much for the taking the time to answer my question.