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Hi, Everyone!
I have a quick question concerning freelancing work. I believe i’m getting close to a point where doing some freelancing work would be a great advantage to hone my skills in a real-life scenario and also build some projects for potential employers to see. But when I look on the internet I haven’t found that many good resources on how to go about it. So I would like to ask you guys…

  1. Do you know any good resources that I could read about freelance web development. Things like how to start, pricing what to expect, common practices, exc…

  2. Also if you know how to do back-end development what was the most helpful resource to you I know some back-end development but I don’t completely understand it.

Your help would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you for reading!

Or if you have experience in freelancing I would be interested in knowing what you did to get started.

@Myles2 Tbh, getting a job before starting in freelance is probably a better idea. Just sayin’ ! Regarding freelance I don’t know much but take the wiser option is what I mean.

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@Tech I can understand what you mean but I think doing some freelance work will be helpful to get a future job, since you can get some experience. Also I’ve seen many stories of people who did freelance work before getting a company job. So I just want to see if anyone here has any experience with it.

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Alright! Good luck! Personally I think of my personnal portfolio projects are my experience before a job.

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I got laid off today and checked this out: they have three categories of experience, you can say you are entry level and they suggest charging $22-$32 per hour if I remember right. They take a 20% of the first $500 then they only take 10% of everything else you earn on the site. You also should calculate paying contractor taxes on all your work at the end of the year which will be anywhere from 30-40% I think.

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@dmoneyballer I’m sorry to hear about that, but thank you for your comment i’ll look into this.

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Try to network with other freelance developers. That helps !

Thank you for your response @maverickProgrammer I was hoping I would find some freelance developers on here for advice.