Got a developer job :D

I’m from Venezuela and i started to code almost a year ago. Started FreeCodeCamp in november (i think) and completed Front End and Back End certifications. I did some freelance job for a few weeks but eventually stopped because college was taking most of my time. Before leaving freelance, i applied to some local web development jobs, but actually i never got called, so i just forgot it.

Like half month ago i received a call from a guy who checked one of the resumes i sent and asked me for an interview the next day. It was completely unexpected and i already had planned to make some freelance in summer (i’m young and i don’t have to work if i want, but Venezuela is going through hard times and i like to help bringing food to home), but i said ‘oh what the hell’ and accepted.

One thing led to another and now i have my first developer job at age 19.

I felt the obligation of making this post because FCC has been a solid path for me to learn JS and other technologies in a deep way. All the nights and hours i spent reading and coding did worth it and i just want to say thank you to FCC :grinning:

Keep coding!



Please pop in from time to time to let us know how you find the experience and what kinds of challenges you face as a newbie developer :slight_smile:

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Goodness, it’s always so cool to hear these stories. Thanks for sharing man!! I will keep coding :slight_smile:

Awesome man, congrats. I’m on the same path and about to turn 19 also working on my craft to be able to do freelance work in the near future. Good luck with your job and always loo for more !

Wow, that’s really awesome to hear, I hope you enjoy your new developer job. What is your suggestion on where to go for freelance work?

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That is awesome! Congratulations! :+1:Best of luck with your new job :slight_smile:

Congratulation. It sounds pretty cool. Wish your career best luck!:grinning:

Congratulations!! Any advice for beginners who want to start freelancing? Which site you had been using for freelancing?

Thanks to everyone! I’ve been using Upwork to freelance. The site is full of cheap work so you wont make a lot of money in the begining if you don’t have any reference or something (and it’s pretty rough to find your first work, so make sure you fill your profile and add samples of your work to your portfolio).

Persistence is key. Write good cover letters and practice a lot. Keep going and you will make good money in a few months.


Congratulations on your new job buddy, can u share the questions that they made to you (sorry for bad english im from mexico :slight_smile: ).


it’s always so cool to hear these stories