Got my first Developer job! Can't believe!

Hi everyone,
After joining the FCC nearly two months ago I was really dreaming of posting this. Every time reading that someone gets a job in IT without IT background made me more motivated and I hope my story will make you motivated as well.
I hold MA in Political Science and started to learn web development after three months of my graduation: August, 2016. By that time I was also working by my profession. I started with Codacademy and then joined local Code Camp in Armenia for two months. However, I could not devote much time to my learning as I was working as well. Then we moved to Canada and it has just passed four months and one bright day I am getting TWO web development offers (after applying for nearly 700 jobs). I will start my new job in two weeks and I am very excited about it.

Wish you guys success in finding jobs. And really it is very good to have these kind of resources to learn from.
Thank you FCC!!!


well done and much luck in the new career :smiley:

Congrats! Persistence paid off. 0.28% response rate, wow!

Congrats my friend on your new job. Can you give a little detail on what kind of company and role you will be partaking in? It’s stories like these that keeps me motivated and going. :+1:

Can we see the porfolio that got you the job?

Thank you a lot!
Wishing you the same:)

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Thank you! I am quite happy for this result as well :smiley: :smiley:

Sure. Actually it is a CRM company and my position is going to be Application Developer/ Analyst. I will be working with HTML, CSS, JS and C#. Although they know that I do not know any C# yet))) So I need to learn a looot.

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Here it is . I did not finish it properly and actually I built it not a long ago and it was not there during my application for the first job that I have accepted)))