Got my first CS related position!


Happy to say, that I got my first job offer/trainee position . The company is a Digital and marketing agency. They do commercials, graphic designs and some basic websites.

My role will be graphic design and basic webpage development (HTML5, CSS, JS). Basically I was offered a type of a paid apprenticeship, where I work full time, but am supervised by a mentor. The duration is 3 months, after which they will offer me a full time position (if I deliver, that is :slight_smile: ).

I started FCC 4 months ago. Since then I have done the HTML and basic JS parts. I also completed the beginners JS tutorials on Mozilla Developer Network. I am currently working through a PHP from scratch tutorial on Udemy. I am also finishing up my bachelors in Design and Textile engineering and have been laid off from my sales job 3 months ago. So I have decided (with the financial support of my significant other) to focus on CS rather than seek out another retail job and also focus on finishing school. All in all I had no real experience working in the design or IT industry.

What got me the opportunity?

  • I sent out a highly graphic CV (adapted one of those photoshop templates)
  • My motivational letter stated I am willing to learn and looking for new challenges
  • I would say they liked my weird mix of graphic design skills and basic programming. Most designers (Slovenia : Europe - where I live) only design, but lack the execution part of web design.
  • We talked through my previous experience (some wordpress sites, various company designs, SEO optimisation…) and how I tackled the challenges.
  • Most of all they liked my self-learning approach. They said, they are looking for someone who will solve different challenges and learn new things as need arises.
  • Language skills: I speak 3 foreign languages (English being one of them)

All in all I am very happy. I will be able to learn new skills in a real job environment, earn a small living and continue my web development DIY-ing. So I feel I will finally kickstart my learning.

Many thanks to Free Code Camp, for all the technical support but most important the spark of hope! I start this Friday, so wish me luck!


Congratulations! I hope that you’ll stay an active member of our community and share your new perspective with us.


Ohhh that is fantastic news!! Really great to hear… Im sure you’ll do awesome and get the full time position. :smiley:

Thanks for sharing what helped you too…really encouraging to hear they appreciate that you are self taught


By the way, Lands’ End, the lifestyle clothing company, is looking for similar design + coding candidates. I turned down an opportunity with them earlier this summer, because I took a different offer.

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Thanks everybody :slight_smile:

I will defintely stay active FCCamper. Still have a lot to learn.

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and good luck in your first job

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That is so awesome!!

Dear FCC fellow campers! Just to give an update! It’s been a while since I posted about my first job in IT. I ended up getting a full time position and did a lot of frontend and backend work. At least 50% of the sites I built were custom Wordpress sites, so I had to learn a lot of PHP too. I worked for that agency for just over a year.

I recently quit, due to lack of learning opportunities there. NOW I work full time as a junior frontend developer in a new company, all tech, seasoned developers. I also have a better salary and more opportunities to advance. I love learning new things every day.

What fascinates me this days the most is:

working with command line
using different CMS systems, theming, twigs etc…
using GIT and other VCS
Lerning, learning, learning.

Hope everybody is having a great time learning here at FCC. This goes to show that FCC knowledge can give you the kickstart to really start a career in IT.

Many thanks!


Congratulations! May you succeed and live a happy life!


Congratulations! And It inspires me also. Thanks for sharing your experience. <3

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Great news, very happy for you and keep active! As a fellow female coder welcome as well! :slight_smile: