Newbie Here - Question about Careers/Employment


So I’m new here and just started with the curriculum. Back in college (several years back) I learned some HTML and CSS so catching up shouldn’t be much of a challenge (hopefully, (wink) )

So I have questions/concerns…

So let’s say if I were to complete all of the curriculum here thru FCC, and then put the certifications that I’ve learned from here on my resume and start looking for looking for jobs but the only experience i have is designing my own website and have taken credit hours on related courses , what/which employer will hire someone with my background? When i first started college, i was majoring in Computer Science and it got too challenging for me so I switched over to Business Management back in 2005/6… I saw similar posts like this one but I wanted to ask anyway to get more info.

Also which job positions hires immediately?


Its more about how you “sell” yourself, and the approach you take in applying for jobs.
For example, if you went through 100% of fCC’s curriculum, you’d end up learning a number of skills, and having multiple different kinds of projects under your belt. Its one thing to put the certificates on your resume, its another to put the skills and projects you have. Yea the certificates are great goals, but when it comes putting them on their resume, they usually aren’t as good as putting the actual projects you build.

Its better to say you have build multiple full-stack apps using JavaScript, and Python, than it is to say you have a cert for some site where you built a full stack app.

So yes its possible, as you mentioned a lot of people have done it before. That doesn’t mean its a walk in the park a 100% easy time or anything. There is a lot of content, and there’s always more to learn. There’s also a good amount of competition due to the pandemic, and other economic stresses on the market. Even before the pandemic, nothing is a sure shot, no matter how fortunate you are, or how relevant your background is.

Not sure if there are any that will pick you up without any kind of interview/screening process. Simply put, hiring someone for a position costs a good amount of time and money for a company, so the don’t want to hire the “wrong” person.

Going through the hiring process has always been rough, there’s very few paths where you can just get hired right out of the gate, unless you know someone or are able to leverage some existing resource. (like an internship or something)

If you posted because your contemplating if its possible, then yes, do it if that is what you want to do. If you don’t care how hard it is, or how much you have to learn, because you want to be a developer. Then do it. Just don’t do it if your looking for an easy path to a new career, because idk if there are many easy paths, not only for this career, but many careers.

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:

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oh when i meant “immediately” i meant entry level. SOrry for the confusion. ALso, thanks for your response

Hey @hjuk314!

Welcome to the forum!

I am also a beginner but from what I have read on the forum and other sources it is tough to get that first entry level job.

It makes sense, because from an employer perspective they are taking a risk on someone who doesn’t have much experience. Also there are a lot of people looking for entry level jobs.

I found an article on FCC news that might help you out.

Hi there, sorry for the late response. I will look it up, thanks for the info!