Freelancing Website

I have been thinking about freelancing… what is the best website to start freelancing on?

A few companies I work for use Upwork,
best to research a list as they all charge different amounts.

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If I start freelancing? Where do I begin?

Are these websites the correct direction or should I begin creating my own business?

You technically will be if you’re freelancing.

They’re useful for getting your toes wet, but be aware that they aren’t really there for the benefit of freelancers. They’re designed to make money for investors in the actual business by driving prices down (and being convenient) for the buyers. They’re meat markets.

The best way to make a living freelancing is to find clients (often locally, often friends of friends at first), do good work, get repeat business, get good word of mouth, get more clients, repeat. Repeat business is what you need because it equals steady income.