From excel to web app

Hi everyone!
I’ve read some of the posts here and it seems like this is the community for me.
I always enjoyed making simple programs/solutions for my needs, but never committed to learning a language (learned a bit of VB in high school, now 35yr old)
I learned MS Access to make a functional computer repair shop management system (client lists, repair history) and I make advanced stuff in MS Excel (Automatization, error handling, auto-fill forms, data manipulation, etc. but not in VB) now I’m considering upgrading.
I want to be able to make web apps, enter data into a database, retrieve the data, and manipulate it (adding, subtracting, generating reports, etc., maybe user management) I’ve done this up to a point in excel but now I want to do it better, and more accessible to other people.
I understand IF statements, functions, variables, constants, and the basics of a programming language, and can read some of the syntaxes, for example in word press I know how to change a variable in PHP.
I understand basic relational database principles.
I see a lot of people suggest Javascript but I never worked with it and seems intimidating, I’m considering python or PHP because they seem easier. I’m looking for something simple but powerful.
Considering my background in excel
Where do you think I should start?

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Python is very readable for sure.
There are also many data related applications to it.
JavaScript is more common though.

Here is a write up I found comparing these two

Thanks, I think I’m going to start with python then.

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Maybe you can learn a little bit about JavaScript by re-writing some of your VB code to JavaScript using Google Sheets :slight_smile:
And who knows, maybe you will like to so much you will automate some of your daily tasks on the Google platform…
Also CS50x and CS50 web are good places to start.
or start with a course focusing on a framework like Django.
That course is all about CRUD operations, basic authentication,…
What from what you’ve said Django seems as the obvious choice as there are many functionalities already built-in for you and you can focus on building the logic you need.
And there’s a good tutorial on the Django official website.

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