From Lithuania, Kaunas anyone?


My name is Gytis and I am looking for other freecodecampers from Lithuania, Kaunas. We can work on projects and generate ideas together with regular meetups. Actually we are already making regular meetups with several of my friends, so You can join if You are interested. You can find me on facebook via this link:

Hey! Would love to. Unfortunately, left Lithuania a little while ago and currently living in Washington DC. But always nice to see a familiar name! :smiley:

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Whoooaa. It’s very comforting and inspiring to see a familiar looking name! :slight_smile: Are You coding in Washington, or just exploring Your options with this site?

Check out: A fast new way to find people in your city to code with

I wish I would be coding for a living! Currently working in Finance industry, but hoping to transition with the help of FCC.