Hello Campers! Introduction from London

Hi Campers,

My name is Bakri, I was an Recruitment Consultant in London when I recently realised that I am not a sales person something I have been fooling my self to believe for the past 2-3 years.

I have decided to pursue my programming career and also a degree in computing along the way as it has always been my passion.

I have started Code Camp 2 days ago and so far so good, I am excited, intrigued and overwhelmed of the possibilities.

My main interest are Artificial Intelligence, hence my degree of choice. I thank the founders of Free Code Camp for giving my the opportunity to find my passion and help with pursuing it.

I am located in London, specifically Twickenham so if there is other campers out there give us a shout!. :slight_smile:

Kindest regards,



Welcome to FreeCodeCamp Bakri.

Thanks Oxyrus,

I am enjoying it and I have never felt so fulfilled in my life.

Welcome POIbakri! :slight_smile:

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Welcome, Bakri. I hope you continue to enjoy computers as you progress.