Introduce yourself

Tell others something about yourself :slight_smile:

I’m not technically Israeli, but I thought that I’d reply all the same. My name is Binyamin Aron Green, and I’m from Baltimore, Maryland. I’m Jewish, and I’ve been to ארץ ישראל a number of times. I have a friend in צה"ל. I like working with children or adults with special needs. I think that about wraps it up!

Hi @b3u, nice to have you here. What are you learning on freecodecamp?

My name is Diego Cosamores, I’m a Brazilian living in Jerusalem and learn programming was a plan I had for many years and this year I started it seriously.
I’m been studying and coding mostly for web (JavaScript, HTML, CSS) but also flirt with Python and I like it. I feel that at some point soon I’ll be able to throw myself on real projects and this is what I’m working for at the moment.
A developer friend recommended me freecodecamp and I’m just amazed by this amazing community and the work that is being done here. Thank you all!

Hi Diego,

Nice to hear from you. I hope you’ll have freecodecamp meetups in Jersualem like we have in Haifa. You are always welcome to chat with us here :slight_smile: And yes, Freecodecamp is amazing.