From QA engineer to Software engineer

How to switch from QA(with java and python automation experience) to software engineer?

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Hi @abhi1,
What do you mean with how to switch?

Do you mean to say stop working as a QA Engineer and lean towards software engineering?

Hello @germanbobadilla ,

Yea sorry , i mean how to lean towards development? which path to follow? as i am mostly comfortable with java and python both.

Probably start sharpening up your resume with mini side projects. If your current job notices this, especially if you casually bring up your cool projects, then they may be interested. Sometimes the entry level dev position is simply not available though, so you may need to look somewhere else. If you can help it, try to get some dev work there at least to put on your resume and get your references from co-workers. Do you know what type of SE you’re trying to go into? Full stack, back-end, data, etc?

Thank you @alan.t.negrete for reply. Right now i am open any SE role, so that’s why i needed some suggestion to learning path.I can go either Django or node.js path but i am not sure where to put myself and get started.

I see wayyy more nodejs jobs out there, probably that. Especially since you can kind of javascript full stack with node js and then pickup a frontend framework like react, angular, ionic etc.

It sounds like you already have a QA job somewhere? If that company also has SDEs ask your manager for advice. Say your goal is to switch to SDE in 1-2 years. Or talk to other managers at your company for advice if you’re not comfortable asking your direct manager.

Other than that, you probably already have the skills, you just need to start applying to some entry level developer jobs.