QA to Data Engineer

Hello people

I need advice from you people if switching carrier from Quality analyst to Data Engineer / Data Analyst .
I have two years of Experience in QA . But Im not really interested in continuing my carrier in it.
Is it a wise option to learn Python/Tablue/Spark/Numpy/Pandas and change my carrier or what would be best for a QA to learn .
Appreciate the valuable advice .


I would suggest you look for job offers in your IT local market as a good start. I mean, it would be dangerous to change for Data Science if you don’t have

There are ample opportunists here , but the thing is how hard/challenging would it be to switch my carrier to it .
but thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

In this case, I don’t think professionals focused exclusively on Quality Assurance will have a lot of job opportunities in the future. Maybe you should consider the switching.