Start my career as Data Analyst/Enginner

Hello All,

I’ve been working for Amazon and i realized i don’t like or learn anything from what i am doing. So i was looking at changing roles as a data analyst and data engineer eventually. My current included analyzing customer activity with inbuilt tools and creating small excel reports. So i’m assuming im a newbie in all kinds.

I took a codecademy pro membership for the data science path and completed SQL but i don’t feel it help at all. I’m not clear what project i should work on to get hands on experience. I’m not even sure if what i am learning will help me eventually to change my career path.

Can anyone kindly guide me personally. I really need someone’s help here.

Thanks a lot

Hi, not sure if it matches your situation exactly, but I’ll share in case:

I have a part time job where I was doing alot of digital secretarial work, moving around data, sending out emails and creating pdfs. When I started trying to solve problems I faced at the job with what I was learning this propelled my learning forward tremendously!

And it started off very simple, with the html mailto attribute!

Here is the story if you find it interested to read.

I found freeCodeCamp’s content excellent to work through, as well as the guides on Mozilla Developer Network. By the time I completed freeCodeCamps content I had enough bearing that I feel confident going into any direction with software, especially with the wealth of resources that are generously shared online!

Understanding how javascript works in particular, I found, equips you to read documentation capably.

You will definitely make progress as you make effort going forward!

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Hi, thanks a lot for the suggestions.
I have proficiency in HTML and C, but never got around Java, it was too just difficult for me. May be why i haven’t ever thought about web development.

I have started with Mysql and on the path of Python, so i’m hoping it would help me be a back end developer. With multiple options and so many things to learn, i hope for someone to put things into perspective and give a clarity.

Again working with any kinds of data is what i like. I will try to pick up any thing that can help me with my goal from the links you have shared.