Need Help! Haven't found a job in 6 months after contract jobs

I have worked as a data analyst for about two years and ever since my last data analyst job’s contract ended, which was over 6 months ago, I have not been able to find another position. I understand that this forum is about web development, but what I would like to do is work as a data analyst (or any similar job helps pay the bills) and pivot into backend development.

The tools and skills I have learned are:
advanced Excel (pivot tables, functions, etc), SQL, IBM Cognos, Tableau. I also have a 10+ years retail sales background which includes managing up to 60 employees in 4 Cold Stone Creamery locations.

Can someone please guide and help me land a job as a business analyst, data analyst or whatever fits my experience.

I am also willing to pay a percentage of my first year’s check as a thank you for whoever successfully personally helps me land a job

Currently, to pay the bills I am driving for Uber, which has been pretty tough.


Can we see your resume? or Linkedin profile?

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HI @JohnnyBizzel

thanks for the response

here is my resume:

I would like to keep myself anonymous, so name is not on the resume

**You may have to download as Word file to see it aligned properly

I would maybe add a section highlighting a summary of skills.
Good so far.

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Hi! In my opinion your CV should be more focused on the experiences as Data Analyst and leave out the rest. Try to fill the CV with the keywords the recruiters are interested in (to understand which ones, just do a job search in your area). If you have time try to learn Python:

  • many companies use Python for data science/data analysis
  • it will help you to transition to Backend Development
  • it’s easier to begin with

Last but not least: change your CV according to the job offer you’re interested in.


Thanks for the tips! Do you have suggestions on which course I should start with? Perhaps projects based would be better?

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You could start learning the syntax (through e.g. sololearn, codecademy or Udemy courses) and then do some python for machine learning/data science course. I found a good mix of theory and practice in Datacamp courses and Coursera Machine Learning specialization.

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Hey, I’m currently the front end developer in a company with a team of around 10 data scientists. On my team of developers there is one that went from data to full-stack-ish development. She mostly focuses on databases admin (SQL), python modeling, helping the Data team to turn their models into API’s and data visualization (mostly R and D3 as far as I know).

Before you start spending money on courses you could check the free ones here

After that you might have an idea on what you want to focus on, I have grown fond of udemy as I landed that job through their courses, but you can save those bucks knowing really where u want to go. Hope this helps.

Edit: Also there is this udacity nanodegree that focuses on python:

You can pay to get their nanodegree or watch all the program for free in their channel:

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