Resume for someone who switch career

Hello Everyone, I’m new around here. I have been working as a Data Analyst and want to switch career to SWE/Fullstack Developer. What is the best way to write resume/CV? Thank You!

What kind of data analyst are you? Are you in the stock market doing excel sheets all day? An insurance actuarial? Or do you clean, categorize, and display data in HTML and CSS? The later is front-end development. If it’s the former, play up you statistical and math abilities. Whatever segment of Data Analysis that your in is transferrable to at least some companies that need web/mobile software or automation related to that segment. When you find those opportunities definitely elaborate on how your other background makes you the better developer for that company. Otherwise just mention the work experience in your transferable skills.
That’s where I’d start.

You can find examples of good resumes and edit to your liking.