Front-End Certificate how long?

I just finished the last project and did the 4 steps to get my Certificate. I was curious how long will it take for them to review my work?

I checked your profile but I couldn’t find your projects and algorithm submissions.

hmm…What should I do now? My camper’s map is all passed(

Can you link your profile? Maybe I’m looking at the wrong one.

If you completed everything, you should be able to find your certificate at<username>/front-end-certification

My profile is plasteelin.

When I turn this link , writes “plasteelin has not yet agreed to our Academic Honesty Pledge.”

This is all I see:

But my map completed, what I should do now?
Pass all over again?

So your map and your profile don’t match? Please submit an issue on GitHub so maintainers can take a look:

The only relevant issue I could find is this one, but you said you already did the last 4 steps; in this issue the camper couldn’t do that.

Thanks for help):wink: