Front End Certification? Back End Certification?

Hello all!

I’m picking up FCC after a bit and noticed that the structure has changed. The responsive web design certificate has replaced both the front-end and back-end web development cert? Are there still opportunities to volunteer on projects for not for profits? Any resources to understand changes to the curriculum?

Thank you

Hi @admarinnyc !

Volunteering on non profit project is no longer part of the FCC curriculum.
Here is an article detailing the curriculum and future changes.

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the curriculum was expanded, but if you have the same account you can still claim the legacy certificates in the settings, just scroll to the bottom in the sttings to find where to submit the project links - if you have any issue finding where the project pages are you can ask, but you can find them scattered in the current certificates, and in the Take Home projects in the Interview Prep section

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that is no more available, it wasn’t working so well,
freeCodeCamp now incourages to contribute to freeCodeCamp and the many projects it is working on (including softwares for no-progits), and to open source in general