Front-end Libraries certification tests

Does anyone know if the tests of this certification support React 18 already? Or they still support React 17 only?

The test script is not getting updated.

From the issue.

The test library has been archived it is no longer being developed. So there is no point in asking about it.

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So how can I do it with React 17? Codepen just let me use React 18.2 CDN, not v17

You can use 17 by adding it manually. Either using @someVersionNumber to the imports or using that version of the scripts from a CDN.

import React from "";
import ReactDOM from "";

Also, just using the old render method with 18 (as shown in the issue) should work for the most part.

As an aside, I would suggest using Stackblitz or Codesandbox. Or doing this locally and hosting it (Netlify, Vercel,

Adding the correct version of the packages you need is part of the learning process. So spend some time on that as needed.

Building it locally and hosting it is something you have to learn at some point, so now might be as good a time as any.

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