Front End Libraries Code Not Saved

I completed all the 47 lessons for React. However, the code for the completed lessons are not saved. How do I review the lessons without having to rewrite all the lessons again?

As long as you are signed in, editor code is not saved. That goes for all challenges. When you are not signed in, the code is saved to localStorage in the browser (and Ctrl + S saves it as well).

It has been a long-standing “thing”. But your comment about reviewing the steps again, gives an example of why saving the code would be useful. The issue is, localStorage is to some extent out of our control and can cause issue if not cleared (inconsistencies, becoming full, etc.) so it is safer to clear it between challenge steps. Saving it to the DB would be too much data to persist (technically possible, but not very feasible). It would likely also cause the same inconsistencies as challenges are updated, so we would need to somehow invalidate stale data in the DB every time.

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Thank you.
Maybe FCC can add an option to view the codes as text once all the lessons are completed with in a same file, Just like the codes we wrote for certification challenges? That would be helpful and would not contribute to inconsistencies and storage issues.

For the certifications, the code is saved to the individual campers account, so it’s easy to display it.

But it should be possible to use the solution code in the markdown file from the last step to create such a code review step. I think that is also what is used to display the preview on the first step.

Then only have the code review as an option if the camper has completed all the challenges.

Not really sure how to deal with when new steps are added to the challenges. I can’t remember/don’t know how the total completion (check mark on the section block) is created. But I think you would have to complete any new steps added before you can review it again.

You can add a feature request on the GitHub issue.

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