Front End Projects - Difficult

Hi all, so I’m just starting the markdown previewer assignment and to be honest…I’m baffled. I have no idea to to begin using the markdown. I’ve tried to do some reading and searched, but it all seems fairly technical above my current level. I managed to do the random quote generator but that’s it.

I looked at the other front end dev projects and they also seem difficult.

Is it worth skipping these for now and going on to Data Visualization?

Am I the only one in this boat who has no idea how to start on these projects given the current information/lessons we’ve done?

You could safely skip Data Visualization (only go through “JSON APIs and Ajax”) because d3 is a very specific library and you probably won’t be using it much outside FCC.

But if you want to become a frontend developer you obviously shouldn’t skip frontend projects.

If you don’t know where to start just search “markdown previewer” on codepen and look at others peoples code. Fork the “pen” and play with the code - delete/comment out some parts, change something until it breaks. If you see some unfamiliar method, just google it. If the code breaks, read error messages in the console and google them.

Don’t think that you must come up with 100% of the code from scratch.


The projects are hard. They keep getting harder. If you complete FCC certificates, then by far the most of your time will be spent on working on your projects. This is also by far the most beneficial part of the curriculum.


I should have been more clear that I didn’t want to skp these completely, but come back to them.

I know I shouldn’t have to come up with 100% necessarily on my own, it just feels defeating at times not being able to you know. But I’ll take a look and see what I can find. Thanks for the advice, it’s much appreciated!

My advice (which you may want to ignore completely):

Do something. Maybe you don’t feel ready to take on the full challenge. That’s fine. Can you make a first pass? For the markdown project, how much can you do? You can put in the basic HTML and CSS components, right? Maybe next week you’ll want to pop back and add some improvements. Once all that is left is the part that is currently making it scary, maybe learning what you need to won’t seem so unapproachable.


Thanks. I needed the encouragement. I’ll give it some shots!

(Dude, suckin’ at something is the first step towards being sorta good at something.)


I just claimed my frontend certification. It has not been easy at all. It has given me insight into frontend developement. I will seriously pursue it. Looking at it humbles me to know that I have a long way to go. IF YOU SKIP IT, IT WILL NOT DO YOU ANY GOOD. FACE IT AND CONQUER IT.


Hello, i currently want to start attempting the front end projects using codepen but what baffles me most is how to use react in codepen. I dont know if the projects will be accepted using combination of html, sass, js which is why i want to use react but i dont know how to do that with codepen beacuse that means i will be using only the js tab because of the jsx

Go to the codepen javascript setting(click on “Open JS Setting”,).In JavaScript Preprocessor, Leave the first option= Babel intact. Don’t change it. Goto the second textbox. Type react to select react.js. Then type react-dom to select react-dom. You can then enter any other library like Bootstrap, etc to select them. When you finish selecting, click on save and close.

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Thanks for the prompt response. I did as you explained and i have saved but i am still having 3 tabs. I am to use only the js tab because i am writing react and jsx right ?

Yes, I use only the js tab. I have not used the html and css before.

sorry i keep bothering you this way. I have found this frontend project not difficult but using codepen to do it is really difficult, I am not able to access codepen console properly and on a simple typo error the page just blank instead of providing helpful error message, i tried adding fcc test url bundle to my local projects in vscode to test but its not seeems to be working. Please help.