Full stack developer OR fron end developer

hello, i have noticed that the certifications we get after finishing the challenges and the projects on here we get Full stack developer certification . am i right?
if so, what is the difference between full stack and front end developer then as i can see they are almost the same!


They are not.

Front end consist of only the presentation layer, in web that ends up being HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Whatever gets presented to the end user, that’s front-end. Frameworks like Angular/React/Vue and libraries like D3 are just tools to facilitate more complex interaction and presentation.

Back end is the data access and network layer. How you store data, how you represent data, what business logic and process do you do to the data, how do you implement security, authorization, authentication. Everything necessary that users don’t need to see that happens in your application.

Being well versed in both aspect makes you a fullstack developer.

A front-end developer can make a single page application given an API, but a full-stack can make the SPA, but also write the API that represents the data, decide on a strategy to balance the load on the service, as well as design the database that efficiently stores the data and allow business operations


So being a full stack developer make you able to work as a front end developer or able to develop front end application as well? sorry i am only trying to understand as i am confused

Yes. Full Stack developer should be flexible enough to work in both

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fair enough, thank you