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The solution looks a lot like what I wrote but mine doesn’t work. probably because its in 2 lines? can someone help me with what the rule is on this?

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function sentensify(str) {
// Only change code below this line
return str.join(" ");
// Only change code above this line

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Challenge: Combine an Array into a String Using the join Method

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Strings are not immutable, so try setting str.split to a variable, and go from there.

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first, split returns a new array, you are not capturing that returned array

second, join is an array method, using it on a string will throw an error

also, strings are immutable - you can’t mutate strings @GhostRoboXt

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OKAY right. That’s interesting because there are some functions that do seem to mutate them like splice versus slice. I thought about setting up a new variable.

str = str.split(/\W/);
return str.join(" "); // works!!

Is is a bad idea to use an argument like this?


For the smaller codes I don’t think it is bad. But understand that when you want to use str again after the split, it will be splitted.

I think you’re thinking of arrays – strings have a slice method (which returns a new string), no splice method.