Functional Programming - Combine an Array into a String Using the join Method

THE TASK Use the join method (among others) inside the sentensify function to make a sentence from the words in the string str. The function should return a string.

I dont understand my code isnt working here. Ive checked the solution listed in the hints and I feel that this code is functionally the same…

function sentensify(str) {
  // Only change code below this line
let newArr = str.split(/\W/);
newArr.join(" ");
return newArr;

  // Only change code above this line


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Challenge: Functional Programming - Combine an Array into a String Using the join Method

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Take a look at the .join() function. Check whether it modifies the array in place or returns something new!

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The .join() function does not modify the array here. If I remove the join function then I still get the same output.

Why does return str.split(/\W/).join(" ");

return a different output than let newArr = str.split(/\W/); newArr.join(" "); return newArr; ?

Yes, I know! I’m not suggesting you remove .join(), I’m suggesting a careful reading of how it operates on arrays and figuring out how to access what it does for you (without trying to give away the answer).

Just takes a while to remember which ones affect return values vs manipulate-in-place.

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I figured out that it worked when I assigned it to a new variable and then returned that new variable. But Im still finding this rather confusing. Guess now I know moving forward.

Yup, it’s just one of those weird things you have to remember (or remember to look up in the docs regularly). Some functions modify the array in place, and some just return a copy. I have yet to figure out why some do one or some do the other, so I just always test it or look it up if it isn’t one I’m sure of.

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