General Question re Data Visualization Projects

Just to see if I’m in the right hemisphere -

Does anybody else feel like the data visualization projects (even the first one) constitute a massive jump in difficulty compared to the courses themselves? It’s like jumping from strictly-contained mini-tasks to a full-blown project that includes requirements that weren’t covered. Is this intentional? Or am I just too much of a noob?

I understand these are challenges by definition, but the gap in difficulty and resources seems to be very large indeed.

If anyone would like to work on these projects together (either “live” together or a-syncronously), please reply and let me know, I’d like that.

There’s a jump, but it mainly involves doing the research to learn how to handle downloading the data asynchronously and exploring all the different d3 functions for the different things the practice covered like scales and axes. Actually creating the points in the visualizations is just like the practice, except for the choropleth and treemap which will require a bit more research as well. This is like the react course that teaches about state and components but then you’re parsing markdown or setting intervals and timers that you had to research.

The only major pitfall that is different in the projects and the practice is tooltip creation. The practice exercises use the title for SVG objects while the projects use a separate div tooltip as is clear from reading the project requirements. A quick search of the forums will yield many examples of this.

My advice is to use a current version of D3 (v7), use the documentation at the D3 github page, and avoid examples using old versions of D3.