Getting a job as self-taught developer

Hi Guys,
i want to know is it true that anyone can learn something online (self-taught) like web development , design , android developer … and can get a job in a company without a degree ?
Please Help!

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I did it. Lots of others in the community did it. Google “self taught web developer” and you’ll find lots of blog posts about people’s journeys. Also,


Hi @aymencrash, welcome to the forums! Hope you find what you need :smiley:

i want to know is it true that anyone can learn something online (self-taught) like web development , design , android developer … and can get a job in a company without a degree ?

Its very possible to get a job while being self taught. However, you will need to be able to sell yourself as you don’t have an officially recognized degree employers can go off of. This means you will have to rely on your skills and ability to market yourself for a given job.

So yes, its possible, but you need to be able to “sell yourself” without having a degree. Applying for jobs might be tougher, as companies may automate their job application process to not even include those without degrees, but not all companies do this and online applications aren’t the only way to get jobs :slight_smile:



Anyone that is willing to put in the work and become an equivalent or most likely a better coder than your run of the mill, fresh face graduate.

Degree is not the biggest hurdle. Really, it shouldn’t be a hurdle at all, vast majority of college graduates work in professions unrelated to their major. It’s often used more as a measuring stick that you were able to accomplish something.

If you work hard enough and achieve certain level of competency, then yes, you can get hired and out compete others. It is just not as easy as the phrase “Anyone can do it” sounds. Anyone can learn to play the guitar, they just don’t all get to play on Beale street and make a living with it.


Any advice in how can I sell myself?

And what you mean by online applications aren’t the only way to get a job?

You mean going to dev meetings and dev conferences for example? I recently moved to a bigger city and I was expecting to be able to go to those ones so I could do “networking” but Right now is kind of low that thing since COVID they are doing them online :frowning:

When I say “sell yourself”, it means being able to market yourself to jobs in a way that makes you look like a good choice.

Here’s a simple example:

  1. “Self-taught developer who has builds websites”
  2. “Full stack web developer”

The first one isn’t wrong, but the 2nd one sounds better. This might be too simple of an example, but I just want to get the idea across haha. The first one gives into the idea that “you don’t have a degree”, where-as the second emphasizes your skill level rather than background.

Almost everyone takes the online route when applying for jobs. Its easy, quick, and doesn’t cost much. This also means everyone else takes this route, so you have a lot of competition and companies have to “weed through” these jobs.

If you just need to get paid, or gain experience to increase your “chances” you have more options than applying for jobs. There is always freelancing, building stuff *for free for local businesses, to gain experience.

Networking also can open up some doors if you can make connections on projects, either online or in person. This takes time and effort, though as expanding your network is not an easy task. There isn’t a fool proof way to expand your network, find a connection and get a job, especially at this time where a lot of companies and people are dealing with a lot of uncertainty, however that doesn’t mean its impossible.

Finally, online networking is just as good, if not better as in-person networking, even if it is just to increase your exposure to other people, and newer technologies.


If you would be a business owner,
how would you try to find people who solve your problems?

You probably would ask people you already know if they can do the job.
Or if they know someone who can do the job.
Because it’s a lot about trust.

So you have to become the person people trust.
You can become this person by showing that you can do the job (e.g. building an online portfolio and presenting it in various ways).


I’ve done that. I think a couple apps I have uploaded in my portfolio are pretty solid. But here in my country most employers always ask for college or vocational school

How can I find your portfolio?
Where do you talk about your projects?

It’s having a portfolio AND showing that you can do the work.
Everyone can upload a portfolio and claim it’s his/her work.

How to show your skills:

  • build pet projects and blog/talk about them
  • contribute to open source software
  • give workshops
  • do a podcast
  • help people on fcc/twitter/devto/etc.
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Yes you can! It may feel like a risk, but honestly it’s only opportunity. Don’t quit, build your portfolio and continue learning.

I just landed my first 6 figure job as a senior front end developer. I completed my freecodecamp certifications about 4 years ago, and was working at a small automotive marketing company for the past 3 years.

I was paid like an entry level developer while doing senior level work. I was doing things that developers don’t normally do (deal with Windows servers, ssl certificates, talk to clients, Photoshop) but I was able to accrue important experience to grow my skills.

So my advice would be to keep learning, apply to jobs, network if you can, and make sure you have a portfolio.

Your first job might not be the shiny job you want, but it might be the one you need to start your career.

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