No one is encouraging me to become a self-taught developer!

Hello All,
This is Arjun from India,Everyone around me like" self-taught developer??! whaaaaaaaaatttttttt !!? There is so such thing as that!!! You are a commerce graduate! and you certainly can’t go into IT without a degree in engineeing !!! Don’t waste your time!.."
My Commerce career is so low paying and I got this idea by watching youtube videos . Now my question is , Can a 28 yrs old commerce graduate become a self taught web developer without a CS degree? (Weak at maths too! because I did business maths during my Higher Secondary Education 11th and 12th std )
I need a mentor to guide me in my path as a web developer! I have completed Responsive Web Design course in freecodecamp and got some insights on HTML and CSS . Also I follow clever programmer on youtube and taking 5 day React challenge.I know I still have a long way to go but I need assurance that I am going in the right direction! Someone !!!(Developer preferably) please help/guide/make me your apprentice.

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HI @arjunbalan !

Welcome to the forum!

It is important to note that cultures and countries around the world will view education differently.

I am based in the states, and the culture is more accepting of self taught developers.

I would strongly urge you to connect with developers within the indian community.
They will be able to given you good advice on how to become a developer because they will have a better understanding of the cultural expectations than an outsider would.

Good luck :grinning:


Please don’t get me wrong but my very problem is that I get descriminated because of my education,language,region,etc…, If at all I can get little help is from people like you(friends from outside India).
It is also True there are good developers in India but I don’t know who to trust(There are lots of scammers) and many great devs they are asking to join their paid programs (bootcamps) which costs around 450$=Rs33,750/- Simply I can’t afford .

To begin with, let me congratulate you because you took a decision that I’m sure will change your life.
Secondly, do not listen everybody, if you want something just go behind it. Learn every day, do not question yourself if you will get it or not. Just do not stop and when you less imagine you will get it.

Good luck my friend.


Unfortunately, a lot of developers face discrimination on the job hunt.
I know a developer from Nigeria who is struggling to find a remote job even though he has an engineering degree and developer work experience.

But you could look into remote work.
Sites like Protege and We work remotely post jobs for all levels 100% remote.

There are companies that have teams located around the world.

If you don’t feel comfortable reaching out to other indian developers you can reach out to other developers from Asia, and Europe.

There are have been plenty of developers who taught themselves and overcame those discrimination barriers and landed a software job.

Here are some communities you can join and connect with so you can learn how they did it despite the barriers.

Hope that helps!


Dear jwilkins.oboe,
Can someone mentor me?, see I ask this because when will I know that I am ready to search a job? How should I make a good portfollio for myself?
Should I make a Resume for me ? if so what I have to put in it?
Is there any beginner only group/sub-forums inside freecodecamp where I can join with others to do projects and collaborate with others?

Yes absolutely. All jobs require a resume.
Here are a few links to look at .

How to Write a Résumé – Practical Guide with Example Résumé
How to Get Your First Dev Job – Insights from Reviewing Career Switchers’ Résumés
How to Write a Developer Resume that Recruiters Will Read
Why Your Resume Is Being Rejected - and How to Fix It

You can try asking around the freeCodeCamp chat or discord if anyone is interested in joining a study group with you.

You need to have a good foundation in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
That is the core of web development.
You should also learn a library of framework like React or Angular.
freeCodeCamp teaches React.
I would suggest going through the first 6 certifications and then building your own projects from them.
As for the portfolio, build projects that help you stand that have some complexity to them.

I would encourage you to look previous posts in the #career and #motivation sections on people you just got jobs and take a look at what their projects looked like.
Try to avoid using the same class projects that everyone else does.
Class projects are good for practice but when it comes to jobs you need to stand out.

But my last point, is to start getting plugged into the freeCodeCamp and Virtual Coffee communities.
The self taught journey is not an easy one.
That is why you need a community around you.
Make sure to visit all of those links I mentioned in my earlier post and start introducing yourself to those groups.

You will have more questions along the way.
When you have a community around you they will be there to answer them.

Also, make sure to connect with other developers outside the U.S. that can walk alongside you as you navigate through the barriers of trying to land a remote job.
Other developers from Asia, Africa and Europe can identify with your situation better than the U.S developers looking for remote jobs.

Good luck!

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I would add something to this discussion, but @jwilkins.oboe has already said it better. Read her advice closely.

Dear Ash,
Thanks for your reply mate. It helped me a lot that atleast there is someone who can understand my concern, Moreover it would be a lot nicer of you if you could further elaborate to me on that freelancing stuff
Please DM me

Hi @arjunbalan !

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It would be better if you guys shared discord information over private forum messages.

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