Getting a new laptop

Hey, everyone!

I’ve decided it’s time to get a new laptop, as the screen is cracked, black in major areas(incident at the airport:[ ), battery is drained(need to keep it plugged in, or it dies instantly), the arrow keys don’t function, and they’re missing. Haha, I can’t believe it has survived this long. Any one else have/had something similar?

I’m thinking about getting a ThinkPad, as they’re cheap. I’m a little worried that they might be too cheap, but cheap is a must right now. I’d love to hear your thoughts on ThinkPads. Should I purchase one or will I regret spending the money?

Thanks, fellow campers!

Note: thought I’d add that I’ve used this laptop for six years, with daily, extensive use. It kinda hurts to see it in such bad shape.

I have a Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11e that I got for a couple hundred bucks. I’m not a fan of how small the screen is (for any serious usage I plug in an external), but it works well and the thing is built to be fairly indestructible which it sounds like maybe you need :yum:.

It looks good, and it’s definitely small :computer: . When do you have difficulties due to the screen? Like, when is it time to plug in an external?

Well… everything was fine until I flew for the first time, alone. I put my laptop in “checked luggage”, instead of carry-on. I think someone had dumbbells in their luggage, which was thrown onto mine. Very unfortunate for my laptop. But, I’ve gained some wisdom, so I can’t complain. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty spoiled when it comes to screen real estate. Most of the day I’m on four 27" monitors, so my bitty Lenovo feels like a cellphone. For doing dumb stuff like internetting it’s fine, but when I am writing code I like to have more than one window open. Anything that splits the screen (CodePen, for example) is a bit inconvenient.

What is your budget? I personally use lenovo thinkpad T430. They can be bought real cheap, and have no real competition in same price category(speaking of used laptops). Thinkpads are built like a tanks and surely can survive a lot of abuse. Also there are lot of options for upgrade, pretty much everything can be swapped under 15 minutes. If you want more information checkout /r/thinkpad on reddit, there are a lot of active members over there

How cheap are you looking for? A rinky-dink $300 laptop, or can you go higher? This model doesn’t look bad, and a friend had the previous-generation E440 which was pretty good:

A lot depends on the screen size you have in mind as well, and I wouldn’t recommend trying to get a screen less than 15.6" that goes up to 1920x1080, as 15.6" is sort of the practical minimum for that resolution without inducing eyestrain. :wink:

It is difficult to find one for you, when we don´t know your budget. But I will recommend getting a laptop with a SSD (makes your pc MUCH faster) and a Full HD screen or higher so you good workspace.

Maybe look into getting a refurbished business laptop. You’ll get for example a stronger build quality, better keyboard, and no bloatware.