Getting users NFTs to render on the project's web page

Hi all, noob solidity and node js guy here.

I’ve been able to follow directions on how to create a react NFT minting dapp, and got those to show on opensea, but when it comes to finding a way to have the NFTs (in the user’s metamask) render on a page in the project’s website, I’m at a loss for how to do this.

If someone could point in the right direction for a tutorial I’d be really grateful!

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I’m also in the market for a similar course! Been trying to wrap my head around how opensea implements a lot of their functionality, and I’m currently stuck on this! I know they have a place for you to enter contracts, but I just saw a ERC 1155 tutorial where someone deployed via remix, and then refreshed his opensea profile right after to see his NFTs pop up. Would really love to figure out how to do this.

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