Help with building a website

Hi guys, am trying to rebuild a portfolio project of mine in Javascript/React, its a dating site built with wordpress. Unfortunately I have no back-end experience, the most I have is a CMS with wordpress.

Please can you suggest any ready made solution for the back-end and probably some guides to help out. thanks

  • not sure what you mean by “ready made” solution

are you comfortable with “nodejs / express” kind of stack? if not then how about “firebase”?

Am still wrapping my head around react, though I’ve been able to build several react projects and some of the certification questions. But yes node and express would be great

You can start your learning process about the backend here.

Thank you very much, but FCC advises to go the curriculum in the order it was arranged. Or are you advising I skip those btw it and the front end curricula?

If you are already comfortable with HTML, CSS, JS, and React, you can go to the Backend section.