Git challenge: branches aren't just for birds

In this challenge, I seemed to have lost my way.
I have followed the directions as I understood them, but failed to produce the correct results. At one point, it said, and I could verify within the contributors folder that my name was added, however the fail results said otherwise. There was even a check mark next to it.
At certain points, it said a repository did not exist, when it did.
So, I have succeeded in finding many ways it does not work.
How far back do I need to retrace my error in challenges I have completed in this mission to locate and fix this issue. Or can it be done in the current level? Should I delete the folders and start fresh? (which I have done once already), or should I correct from my current state, which seems to be logical. (To me anyway) Note: I was able to complete the next two challenges. Here is where I have narrowed my errors down to.
Thank you.
You guys and this community are awesome!! This whole platform is awesome.


“Branch name expected: add-snakebyte2” != “Found branch as expected!”
“Changes not pushed” != “Changes have been pushed!”
“File NOT in contribs… folder!” != “File in contributors folder!”
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I had simular problems with that one as well. For me it ended up being a name that wasn’the exactly what it was looking for. Based on what you’ve said, that would be my best guess on what’s happening to you. Hard to say with out seeing everything tho.