BUG: Got kicked out, Lost all progress/branches and Unable to move forward in lesson (Relational Database Cert > Learn Git by Building an SQL Reference Object )

This happened on Friday July 14, 2023.

After completing most of the tutorial, I got randomly kicked out. So I restarted the course, and followed the prompt to change to the fix/add-missing-rename-references branch but I was unable to move forward.

I then ran git branch and noticed that the only branch available was the master branch so I created the fix/add-missing-rename-references branch and switched to it but I still get an error message and can’t move forward.

Other Details:


Thanks for any help!

In my case similar thing has happened and for me I was forgetting to to the sql_reference directory, due to which the branch was not loading.
After changing the directory with ‘cd sql_reference’ and doing the branch command I was able to see all the previous branch that was thinking are lost.
Hope this can resolve the issue.

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Thanks a lot Sandy! It worked for me

Glad it helped!

Cheers :clinking_glasses:

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