GitHub is made on what Technology?

Do anyone here has any idea about the tech stack used by GitHub?
How they made it and what are all the steps to make a version controlling site like github?

GitHub is on GitHub:

I am not able to understand the building blocks of a version control system. The Github’s Github repository that you provided is confusing for a newbie like me. Can you elaborate more?

You asked what technology GitHub is built on. The source code for GitHub is publicly viewable on GitHub. So you can look at the different components and see what technology it’s built on.

I also asked about the steps involved.
Thanks for the input.

You can see the wiki pages on git and github. They are two separate things.

From the wiki on github:

The software that runs GitHub was written using Ruby on Rails and Erlang by GitHub, Inc. developers Chris Wanstrath,[52] PJ Hyett, and Tom Preston-Werner.

The github page shows:

And git is written with C, Shell, Perl, Tcl, and Python.

As for walking you through step by step how it’s built?

That’s beyond me.

Thanks a ton @br3ntor.
This will also do. I will try exploring more on your inputs.