⚡ Gitmoji Commit Messages

Recently I started adding an emoji to my git commit messages at the request of my project manager. Every time I made a commit I would have to refer to Gitmoji to match my commit type with the right emoji. Painful. But I like the look of the repository with the added emojis, plus I think the emoji adds to the quality of the commit message. In any event, looking up the emoji was disrupting my work flow.

So I took the skills I learned here at FCC and applied them to design an extension for VS Code that speeds up the Gitmoji workflow. Once my extension is finding the right emoji is no problemo. If you are interested just search for gitmoiji commit in VS Code extensions.

You can also download the extension at The Extension Marketplace. If you check it out let me know if you find any bugs or have any suggestions? Thanks.

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… Required…to use…emoji…?

(Cool about the extension though)

Nice extension :+1: It also exists gitmoji-cli for those who prefer terminal!

I made a changelog generator for gitmoji. It uses git tags to create versions and emojis to put commits in categories like Added, Changed, …

Don’t hesitate to give it a try and provide feedback :pray: