Glitch console to FCC solution place

hello there,

how to give the glitch console to freecodecamp i have completed this challenge place…
i have printed the "Hello World " in glitch console now i want to submit it FCC place how can do that…?

Please help me thanks in advance…

You would have to view the live project link, at the top left of the glitch editor, there is a “view live” button, click that, and then submit the link that it takes you to for the challenge

your editor is something like!/project-name/server.js45 or something like that
the live page would be <-- submit that

hey thanks for response,

Second link is not working can u please sahre it again…?

I got this page then i go to console printed the hello world, how can add this to FCC.

I just made up those links to demonstrate, i didn’t check where they go.

If you are doing the backend node.js stuff, you would have to paste your link into the solution prompt on the relevant freecodecamp course submission area.

if your code is correct, it will pass the tests when you submit it.