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Can anyone explain to me what the global “outerWear” becomes undefined if a new local variable with the same name is declared after it?

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var outerWear = "T-Shirt";

function myOutfit() {

console.log(outerWear); //print undefined
var outerWear="sweater";
console.log(outerWear); //prints sweater
return outerWear; 

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Challenge: Global vs. Local Scope in Functions

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Sure. But it is not you think. This isn’t a scope issue, it’s a hoisting issue.

Because you used a var to define that local variable, as opposed to a let or const, the way the variable is created changes. Had you used let inside the function, it would have done what you expect, but a var allocates the memory for a variable before the function body is run. So at that point, you are referencing the local variable, even though you haven’t assigned a value to it yet.

Google " javascript var hoisting" to read more about it.


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