Going all into studying web Development with a full time job

I first heard about freeCodeCamp from a friend back in late 2020. I was in the final year of Uni back then, totally clueless on what to do. COVID Lockdowns had forced me to move back home and the job market was in chaos initially.

In January I read an article by Eduardo Vedes (How I Went from Civil Engineer to Web Developer Using freeCodeCamp to Learn to Code) and that’s when I started thinking seriously about fCC. (Edo later became a mentor)

I started the Javascript and algo part then but dropped it off after a week since I was struck with COVID and needed to take rest to recover. I could not even sit for long and felt dead tired. Lost my smell and taste sense for close to 3 weeks. I could not continue it after that.

In May I read an article by Zubin Pratap, that inspired me (From Lawyer to Engineer at Google – How to Switch Careers and Learn New Skills). He was offering free 1:1 coaching too and I talked to him on May 30th 2021. By this point, I was hopeless and thought that I could never land a job in tech.

I was lucky to land a job in June, just 1 day after my last semester got over. It was initially as a web dev role. I worked on ruby to build some jekyll pages. Worked a bit with react (it was too much for me back then).

But certain circumstances at work forced me to switch roles and take up a much generalist job that did not involve coding but had more to do with project management. I did enjoy it for a while but a few months later I feel that I’m not at the right place and needed to move into development. Because I wanted to build things.

In October 2021, two things happened.

I stumbled upon iamfreecodecamp - an initiative by Eduardo. I joined the discord group and got in touch with the community. Had a 1:1 chat with Edo himself and it helped me a lot. He still continues to guide me.

I participated in Hacktoberfest 2021 and came across Eddie Jaoude who has a great community.

The hiring market seems to be going crazy and I feel left out.

I reset my progress on fCC and decided to start from the responsive web design cert as Edo suggested. I started it, too back in early November but left it off again as I had some personal pressures.

But, now Some issues at work, rang the alarm bells for me. I can’t afford to be in such a situation anymore and I spent a lot of time pondering over it last night. Discussed my worries with my mentor too, who is very supportive.

I made up some plans to handle my current situation and dive fully into fCC (like my mentor said that fCC has helped a lot and I also know few folks who were the beneficiaries of fCC)

I have decided not to let any problems stop me. I am much more than my problems.

I had finished up to half of the applied visual design in the first Responsive web design cert. Today, I am going to continue it and try to finish it. By this December end, I would have taken some decisions according to the plans I had drawn for myself and go all in.

Taking the leap of faith, today - November 26th 2021.


It’s good to hear that you’re pushing forward. My only caveat would be to make sure that it is a pace you can maintain. Contrary to what some irresponsible people on the internet say, this won’t take 1-3 months, but will more likely take 1-3 years. #ymmv You need to make sure your life is in order and you are working at a pace that you can sustain in the long run.

But best of luck to you. I look forward to seeing you around the forum.


Thank you, Kevin. I totally agree - it can take time. Will share my progress, here :slight_smile:

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