Going from FCC challenges to the projects isn't a fair way to learn

I wish that FCC really thoroughly prepared me for the Responsive Web Design projects. When I was doing the challenges, I noticed that each challenge taught something new. Without thoroughly being taught each topic I didn’t grasp much of what was taught. Basically, I’m just trying to say that there needs to be a better learning transition from the challenges to the projects. FCC should provide this learning transition since it is a bootcamp which means that is pretty much all a student should need to have a smooth start.

FreeCodeCamp is constantly working on, improvements, and one of those planned improvements is easing the transition from challenges to projects.

That said, no single course out there can give every student every single thing they personally need. It’s totally OK to look up some additional information or realize that you missed some information from a challenge.


There is no easy way to transition from being given bite-sized pieces of information and then having to put it all together. Just like learning words and grammar doesn’t teach you how to become a good writer.

You are not really meant to be fully prepared for the projects, you are meant to start experiencing what it is like working on your own and learning to solve problems by searching for answers. It’s a process and can be very daunting at first, but you learn so much through the struggle that no amount of theoretical information can even hope to compete with.


Hey there,
I had difficulty in the transition as well. I found some youtube videos by Traversy Media. Look up HTML Crash Course For Absolute Beginners. I really enjoy his videos. He has like 800 videos and quite a few crash courses for beginners including CSS, Flexbox, Grids, Java, etc. Some videos are an hour, some are like 20 minutes but it definitely shows you how to bring things together. Good luck. :slight_smile: