Good Morning Freecodecamp 🌲 - Help with challenges

Hello Freecodecampers, I am happy to introduce a project I have been working on CamperGuide.

What is it: Camperguide is a simple tool to help new and old coders build the many habits that come along with programming. It is a productivity tool to help you stay in a constant state of flow of problem-solving.

Where is it: I put the project on Github and it is always there if you want to bookmark it and also create feedback with Github issues.

Feedback: I am excited to hear all the feedback about the project and whether or not it actually helps you stay on track! Also be sure to share what you think about current features, new features, the design, the logic or behavior of the program and anything else I may have missed.

I consider each step in Camperguide essential to solving a problem :tools: More often than not when starting freecodecamp these have been common mistakes I missed in the steps to solving a challenge or even building a project. If I missed a step please let me know so I can add your suggestion or solution to Camperguide!

Note: Its also made with Responsive Web Design in mind, so you can snap it to the side of your screen on desktop and laptop or keep it on a separate mobile device (or just leave it in a new tab)!

Good luck and have fun! :sparkles: :

Camperguide: a productivity tool for coders

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