Got A Real Developer Job Thanks To FCC :)

Another one of these posts incoming, but I figured I’d add to the encouragement pile for people who may be feeling hopeless.

I’ve always been interested in programming, but never really had the gumption to sit down and learn how to do it. I’d copy and paste some code into some frankenstein-esque beast, run it, and leave feeling unsatisfied. I eventually went to college, took some classes, and learned some real basic stuff before getting discouraged and dropping out. See a theme here? I’ve typically been a quitter when things get too hard, or I leave my comfort zone.

About two years ago I (a 26 y/o at the time) got the chance to help my father design a website for his work. He’s a programmer by trade, but mostly works in software development, so he asked if I could help since I knew a thing or two. I attempted to help, but we were using Angular for the front-end, and it was incredibly out of my league. So I quit. And then I felt really bad for a long time – always thinking about how cool it would have been to complete a project with my father.

Last year I found myself in a deep depression because I wasn’t in a place I wanted to be. I was a college drop out, my job sucked, I got myself into a shitload of debt. It was just a bad situation. I wasn’t happy. Somehow, I wound up on free code camp after trying to think of a way to escape the hole I was in. I wanted to learn how to do something useful. Even if I couldn’t do what my dad did, or even get a job. I just wanted to do something that required some skill and diligence to learn.

I spent nearly all of my free time and damn near every waking moment thinking about javacript and webdev from September of last year til now. With FCC and the community to help out, I felt empowered – like I could actually do the thing I wanted to do. I never had any idea what to make, or how to learn the basics until I got to really read about it, and do the projects that FCC laid out.

I just accepted a position at a wonderful company last week, and I’m absolutely floored. Free Code Camp gave me the building blocks I needed to develop as a programmer (teehee) and gave me the confidence to go out and chase the career that I really wanted. It’s surreal to actually to have people and businesses relying on my code to deliver memorable user experiences.

I’ll be honest, it felt like it wasn’t going to happen for most of the time I was doing it, and the self doubt is real, but it really happened. I’m making more money than I ever have in my life, my confidence is through the roof, and for the first time in my life, work doesn’t feel like work.

You can do it too. If you’re reading this still, and you’re in the infant stages of programming: keep at it. If I can do it – a quitter, a loser, a sadsack, a man with depression and no motivation – you can too. If I had any tips, it would be to eat, sleep, and breathe web dev (you probably already do that, but if you don’t, DO IT!). Get comfortable with frameworks, learning new technologies, and being on the cutting edge of design/development. The landscape dominated by Angular and React and the like. Learn some backend – things like PHP and MySQL are HUGE skills to have. Spend lots of time building a professional resume. If you don’t have prior dev experience GET CERTIFICATIONS. Just like a FCC front-end certificate :). APPLY EVERYWHERE!!! I honestly probably applied to over 75 different companies (full treatment, tailored resume and cover letter, etc) and heard back from 4 of them. Don’t get discouraged! As long as it’s not mission critical to your lively-hood, take some time once in a while, let it breathe, and try again when some new job listings are up.

Also, buy some nice clothes. I spent a ridiculous amount (well, I don’t know how ridiculous $300 is) on making myself look professional and stylish, and I feel it made a lot of difference in how serious the interviewers took me.

So that’s my schtick. I don’t think I’ll be hanging around here lurking anymore, but it’s been a wild ride. I’d like to thank FCC and the community for making my dream come true :slight_smile:


That was truly inspiring. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I agree on the clothing. I used to fight it, trying to resist that those things matter, wanting to be taken seriously for what I do instead of how I look, but I realized that no matter how much you fight it, how shallow it may seem, we are very visual animals, even when it comes to things like colleagues, employees or friends. Dressing up more than you should, no matter what the interviewer, the colleagues or anybody else says, helps. It creates more respect, you get taken more seriously. I remember John Sonmez from Simple Programmer saying that you should dress 2 levels above your position.


Congrats man, really inspiring story !
So, did you get all three certificates, or only frontend?
if you learned frameworks like React or Angular, then can you recommend some additional useful resources?


Congrats, @DanielADailey! Thanks for sharing your story with us :slight_smile:


Really inspiring :slightly_smiling_face:
one month ago, i was in the same place that you were last year. not knowing who i am , what i want to do with my career life. I have a bachelor degree in Mathematics, but except tutoring i hadn’t done anything with it!!! since 27 December i decided to be a frontend developer, i hope that’ll work for me like you. my location(Iran) , my age(29) and English being my second language sometimes make me wonder if i got a right decision, but my passion about coding keeps me motivated.


Hello mam…i have alot of problems regarding my final year projects.
I m a php programmer .plz give me idea or suggetion for any project

This is inspiring. Kudos to you @DanielADailey for sticking it out.

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@alis06922 Here’s a link to some ideas.


I just joined FCC, but I have some experience with the front end, but, like you, gave up after a while. I’ve now been learning code pretty seriously for the past month on udemy and other sites. Seeing this gave me some inspiration to keep going. I’m going to dedicate time consistently to learning to code. Thank you for posting this and congrats!!

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Good luck! I am in the same boat - green beginner in front-end with English as second language and 10 years in banking career. Looking forward to this new chapter!


Congrats! I am just starting this at 29, having been stuck working retail a majority of my working life. Hearing that others are able to make it work is awesome!

Wonderful! Congratulations!

Congratulations and good luck!

I’m a little curious about what you say about certificates, though. Did you find they carried any weight with the companies you applied to?

Wow!!! That was Inspiring!!
@DanielADailey Congrats on your achievement!
Your hardwork has paidoff. :slight_smile:
Thank you for sharing the story of yours, with us.

This is great stuff, love posts like these!! Thanks.

Great story, thanks for sharing!

Congratulations! Everyone has their timeline. I like reading these kinds of stories. They keep me motivated :slight_smile:


I find myself in quite a similar situation than you were, so your story definitely has a motivational impact on me.

Great. Best wishes…

can you please share your learning path. what all courses you took and in what sequence?
thanks a lot.

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First of all congratulations on the new job. This is really motivating. I just finished Basic JavaScript on Freecodecamp and I’m feeling a bit intimidated by what lies ahead. Reading this reassures me that it can be done.

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