Thank you FCC! It worked :)

I finally get to make a “I got a job post”! So, for what it’s worth, here was my path.

I was a high school teacher for 6 years teaching classes ranging from Bible and leadership to math, science, and computers. My wife and I wanted to start family and I had been thinking about changing careers for about a year. So finally after finding FreeCodeCamp, I dug in to begin learning.

I started on Jan 1, 2018, a New Year’s Resolution… but kept sticking with it. On Feb 21, I started 100 Days of Code, which you should totally do! It poetically ended on my last day of teaching.

During that time, I worked mainly on FreeCodeCamp, but also on MDN Web Development Tutorials.

By this point, my wife was pregnant, we moved cities to be closer to her parents, and I was no longer teaching full time. It is also this point that I realized how lucky we were to be able to stop working for a bit, to just focus on learning. I treated this time like going to school, but I paid for tuition with coffee, parking, and rent.

Right after we moved, I signed up on and started going to as many meetups as I could: Tech Tuesday, Web Devs, Game Dev Coffee, Cyber-security, Python, Elm, and a Golang book club. So for the next couple of months, that was my full time job: to go to meetups, continue FCC and other tutorials, and apply for jobs.

I really thought things would work out faster… but I was still getting ghosted by employers. I met lots of people who thought I should be hired, but none of them were hiring.

My son was born on Oct 19, so my Github history dried up for a few weeks. In fact, I thought I might actually get a job in the next few weeks by someone I met right after we moved in June! (That never panned out… but they got some free work?)

But, in November, I volunteered to do my first real website for someone! There was going to be an open source festival in just under a month and they needed someone to do a website, so I volunteered! I had recently found, an awesome web dev podcast, and they kept going on about how great Gatsby is, so I said I’d do the website and would build it in Gatsby!

For the first time, I felt like I kind of knew what to do and how to make something! All in all, the site was a little ugly, but nobody else knew how to build a gatsby site or didn’t want to volunteer :slight_smile: At the end of it, I had a site under my belt and a little money (very little…) to show for it.

I felt confident enough to start building things and actually got a few clients (one that I need to finish up with this week!) That site helped me meet people to build another site which came with a bunch of code review and mentoring! Which then got me an introduction to a CEO of a software startup agency in town and another company from Silicon Valley. Long story short, after lots of interviews, they both gave me offers!

I’m just finishing up my first week as a full-time developer, and I have 2 massive monitors to prove it!

So, my timeline is 16 months after I made my commitment and 11 months after quitting my job, along with 45 resumes, 5 callbacks, 4 interviews, 4 second interviews, 3 code challenges, 2 offers, and 1 job. We were EXTREMELY fortunate to be able to make the switch like this!

TLDR; Go to meetups! Volunteer to work on projects that are over your head! The people on my journey were so happy to work with me, help me, teach me, and encourage me! So many people I met came from non-traditional backgrounds and wanted to help someone out who works earnestly and hard.

Good luck putting yourselves out there!!


Congratulations !! Taking action makes things happen! Great job.


Hope the job gives you everything you were looking for.

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Thanks! The people I work with are great and have families :slight_smile:



I accidentally started my web dev business after volunteer work to do a church website! (just static pages, html + images only). A CEO of a big organization saw my work, sent his VP to fly and meet with me and wife… well, and the rest is history. 19+ years and they’re still my clients today.

Lots of good things can happen with volunteering!


yay that’s so exciting! Congrats! Did you end up taking the local job or the Silicon Valley offer?

Your story motivated me. Thank you :blush:


Haha, I remember that feeling!

From one teacher-turned-programmer to another: enjoy the new career and the lack of grading, parent phone calls, and parent-teacher interviews!


Local :slight_smile: I just started at 20 Ideas!!

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There seem to be so many teacher-turned-programmers around here! I think that is even @QuincyLarson’s background!


That’s great, I’m no happy for you and glad you aren’t re-locating!

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Glad to see you back here, Meryem.

Yeah, the story is really inspiring, too!


Awesome! I am thrilled that you were able to stay in your current city without having to relocate with a newborn.

Go to meetups! Volunteer to work on projects that are over your head!

This is great advice.

Congratulations on your new job. Thank you for sharing your journey so far with us.


Congrats man!!

Is that

Yup! They’re great! They work in lots of local projects

This has inspire me to continue learning and build more project. Currently Volunteering to build project management system for my Department in the University, My Goal is to get a remote job before the end of the year 2019


Awesome man congratulations, I love hearing these stories of success.

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Congratz man! This is very inspiring for everyone and hearing this motivated me greatly too. I feel happy for you! :smiley:

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This inspire me. Thank you and congratulations. :clap:

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That’s great, congratulations. Inspire me to keep going as well.

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