Got my first client!

While it’s not a job job, I’m extremely thrilled and see this as my first professional gig. Long story short, I showed one of my band mates the nightlife app I was working on and he wants me to build a website for him where he can sell his music. It’s definitely going to be a challenge but I believe my time on this site has adequately prepared me. Does anyone have any tips? One thing that’s been bugging me is how much I should charge for the site.


Here is a short list.

  1. Obtain basic requirements for the website and functionality.
  2. Create a wireframe or prototype of the website look and feel.
  3. Based on the agreed upon requirements and wireframe, create a cost estimate.

Thanks!! Got the first part. Can you recommend any free wireframing sites? I’ve tried mockflow, but they charge after 2 pages.

try figma, it’s free

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Thanks I’ll check it out!

Not free, but Balsamiq is the one by all the pros…

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Keep us updated on the process, I’d love learning through your experience


Here are some of my previous posts about developing websites.


Thanks a lot for this information! I need to create some kind of user stories board so I can gauge my progress. I’ve been looking into freelancing, but it seems like every freelancing website has a catch.

Of course! I will post my progress throughout.


Awesome sauce! Congrats. Yes keep us updated! I myself plan on creating a site where I can sell my music. Fill me in on tips n tricks as you go.

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cool and congratulations… what are you planning to use to handle the transactions?

@LutheV Thanks and will do!
@Swoodend I’m most likely going to be using Paypal’s API but I’m not 100 percent sure yet.

Just an idea thrown your way - a designer friend of mine told me Dashboards are the norm now… (among other stuff)

You could try proposing a dashboard (wireframe) design to him before setting up the cost estimate.

I appreciate the various thoughts on establishing requirements and determining the cost. You might consider, in addition to cash compensation for building the site, an ongoing commission on sales of the music through the site; since you are building his online sales channel. Maybe 10%?

Some great advise, links and info here… thanks for sharing…

Congratulations! This sounds like an excellent first freelance project!

Thanks for the idea! I found this wireframing software called ForeUI. It’s free for 15 days which is more than enough to develop a wireframe. It’s not bad at all. Visually it’s a bit dated but it works like a charm.

Actually, interestingly enough, my client has brought me in on his business idea so there would be an additional compensation in the future. The idea that was originally pitched to me has evolved a little bit. Since I do music as well, he wants me to join and sell on the site as well.

Thanks Quincy!! It’s a great opportunity indeed. I never really had a well thought out idea for a centerpiece project but I think this will be it.