How much would you charge for this?

This is my first go at building a website for someone and it is actually a small company. I’ve pretty much completed (except for a few things here and there that needs changing) but I’m not quite sure how much I should receive and would like to hear some suggestions. Thank you.

This is the link to the website :

I suggest you to do some research, if you found this work as a freelencer and you didn’t ask before, take it as a newbie error for the future. I suggest you to charge them exactly what you expect to be charged. The minimum should be 300-500$ in my opinion. BTW great work! :smiley:

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Nice effort. As it was your first project, so don’t charge too much for it. Also, continue to practice and excel.

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Nice work!

I would suggest looking into what the new website will do for the company. Will it help them generate more $$, and if so how much? These are questions to ask for the future, it’s a learning process and you’ll get better. As far as amount, for your next project be sure to ask the question “what kind of budget are you wanting to invest in your website?” Obviously I can’t give you an exact number to tell them BUT I will say that I always cringe when I see websites for less than $3,500 USD being sold. If it’s a newbie or not, the developer is selling themselves short.

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Thank you everyone for the feedback. I will definitely take the points that all of you gave in to consideration for the next project.