How much does a website cost?

I have a made a personal CMS blog website using Nuxt and Netlify CMS.

I want to make money be making websites and I want to know how much can I charge for websites like this.

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a website can cost anywhere from few hundreds to several thousands dollars

it is not only how much work you need to do, but also how much value you can bring to the client

freelancing is hard because you also need skills in marketing, sales, business analisys etc.


As already said, there is no answer to this.

Seems also like putting the cart before the horse.

Talk to clients and go through their business problems with them.
Then evaluate how much money the website makes them.
Then think about a fair price.

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I don’t have any direct experience with that as I was never on the “business” side of things, but one thing I can tell that I’ve learned over the years is that “making websites” is not the hard part: maintaining them is. :slight_smile:

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I think these articles might help

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