How make an expensive website with CMS?

AND how tell HIGH price for client. What need to do for ask price about 2000 USD? In my opinion from a WordPress not can request that price is a joke. But then how can earn to make websites?
YOU download some theme activate some plugins and TADA!
All made with UI. NO CSS HTML JS code edit.
But i see some person and big companies write a lot of price in list if you wanna buy it. From what worth it?

WordPress is free.

I know you and I have had some heated debates on Wordpress hahah but, think of it this way…if you offer your client a completely customized, built from scratch WP theme then you can charge them a good amount just for that. One huge selling point of a higher price for that, is you can tell your client that no one else will have that theme, it’s completely original and owned by them.

Now, with that in mind you can start adding to the price with features depending on the client’s needs. Do they want a ecommerce store? Do they want a blog? Do they want to host and display videos? Maybe they want to set up a profile system for users on the website. That’s all stuff you can charge for with WP (or any CMS for that matter)

The beauty of WP (and again any CMS) is that you can make it as complex or as simple as you want. But as soon as you start making custom themes, plugins, widgets, that’s where you take it from a easy install to something worth some decent $$$

And to add, while WP is free, you can totally charge for installing and setting it up for your client. A lot of people don’t want to be bothered or don’t feel comfortable setting it up themselves, so that’s where you come.

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When people pay to have a website built, they aren’t paying for WordPress. Maybe they’re buying a salesman who doesn’t need to be paid and works 24hrs a day. Or a machine that collects prospective customer’s details then tries to sell things to them. Or whatever. What it’s built from is to all intents and purposes irrelevant, why would the client care?

WordPress itself (as in the open sourced blog framework part) is free because it has no intrinsic value. The value lies in the actual value that an end product [created with WordPress] provides

If you’re talking about a tiny one-person business with very little turnover, $2000 is a lot of money. If it’s a larger business then they would have to evaluate very carefully whether the value outweighs the cost. On the flip side, if it’s a very large business, $2000 is a ridiculous price to pay for a website, they’re unlikely to even consider it: it’s an order of magnitude too cheap.

I work only in WordPress. If I build a small business website start to finish I always start with a theme, usually one based on Genesis. By the time everything is styled to the client’s liking, and the responsiveness across devices is tweaked ( because any custom layout work you do will probably break the theme’s built in responsiveness ), it ends up being in the 40 to 50 hour range. That will not get to your $2000.00 mark, but as your skills grow you will get offered larger and larger projects, $2000.00 for a CMS based website is certainly not impossible. As @DanCouper mentioned, for websites based on a CMS for a medium - large business the final cost will far exceed your $2000.00.

I would say it depends on how big is the company you build a website for and how many hours it will need to create a custom CMS. There are some projects that require from 60 to 180 hours and with an hourly rate of $50 (if you’re good) it will cost from $3,000 to $9,000, according to this article

Working for big companys with Episerver CMS there can be projects that last for 10-12 weeks with a team full of devs and designers. Concidering everyone’s salary that’s a work for $100k+.