How much to ask for this project?

Hi guys I have been asked to develop a website for a new forming logistic company (my best friend is the co-founder).

The point is that the company needs something which needs a lot of work and I have been mostly developing static websites till now.

They are looking for something similar to this website which will also have a log in system for the companies.(Of course I will need to hire someone which has much more experience to help me)

Basically my question is, how much should I ask for this website(or how much would you do if you were in my place) and the estimated time ?

Note: I am mostly asking this question for Europe and North America price rates.

I have seen asked even 10k€ for a fullstack website for a non-profit organization, but I imagine that was from experieced professionals

other than that I wouldn’t know - remember you also need to pay that other person tho

One semi-sneaky thing you could do is call around to other site-builders and ask for quotes from them. Then go from that.

One other thing… An important thing in providing estimates is to make sure your client is aware of trade-offs between time/money and the features you’re building. For example, what if they want that log-in system, but they would also be happy to receive the basic website 8 weeks sooner even without the log-in system? Then you could build the log-in piece after that.

Stuff like that will go a long way to helping everyone build the right thing - in the right order - at the right time - for a good price.

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It looks like a site built around content, which is what WordPress does. It could be had for 1k plus the cost of the theme. Maybe if you do this for free, they would give you a share in the company, stocks or some share.

You have to connect to the customer and get the requirements.
Do the data modelling. Check back. Build an MVP for the core functionality.
Create a viable API.

This would clock in for ~30-50h with all the iterations. Rates at 80-100€/h.
So 3.000-5.000€ for the authentication stuff and the backend functionality.

Your example site has a “Job” and “Press” section that needs to get updated regularly. To have an easy to use system for their employees, you would add some sort of a CMS or connect a frontend framework to a headless CMS.

Overall this would be at least 5.000-7.000€. If you would do this for 1.000€ for me, I would reject you, because I’d know that you are a beginner. Beginners mostly don’t know security best practices (important for dealing with 3rd party customer data).

I actually did call some local companies around and was told that the initial cost would be around 11k turkish liras without the log-in system. So basically what you advised me is what I proposed them, firstly the basic website and then the log-in system since they are not going to need it too much in the beginning.

I will actually do not use wordpress since I do not have experience plus I prefer to do more real coding, and yeah I will have a role of purchasing manager in the company :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your advice Miku.

The cost can be as high as $10,000 or more. To build a small website, you’ll need to have a budget for the domain name and web hosting too. It would best to divide your work per hour. Also, first, ask what they are offering.