Got my first coding job and internship

Just wanted to say thanks to FCC for getting me a coding job! I am currently studying a bachelor in software technology, however my courses were often outdated or didn’t leave something very impressive I could show to hiring companies.

My CV/Resume mostly consists of my FCC projects - I have gotten a reply from almost every single company that I have sent application too. I was hired as a student developer within days at a company I liked, and had to turn down 3 other companies.

So, many thanks FCC - I still have a lot of interest in the technologies in the roadmap, maybe I’ll even use FCC some more after being hired :slight_smile:


Wow, that’s great! You should include a link to your portfolio. Congrats!

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Awesome hearing these stories, thanks for sharing and good luck on the rest of your coding journey!

Impressive. Would you mind sharing how far you got into the curriculum and all you had to complete? What do you mean by a student developer? Is that like an intern, junior developer, etc.

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You can see all my projects here on my FCC profile, I honestly don’t even think the projects are that impressive compared to many other frontend projects I see around. I got as far as the Recipe Box project in ReactJS in the Data Visualization roadmap.

I think what has made the most impact is due to me mentioning I have worked with popular technologies such as ReactJS, AngularJS, jQuery etc. I originally made the frontend projects with just jQuery, but transitioned some of them to AngularJS to understand it.

Being a student developer is basicly a position that is offered here in Denmark to university students at various companies so they work 10-15 hours a week and have time for their studies. Later I will be a fulltime intern (with pay :slight_smile:).

I would say the only thing lacking in FCC is a bit about dev methodologies and object oriented analysis, a lot of companies appreciate if you know patterns like MVC for example.

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Do you mind sharing a link to your portfolio page?

That’s awesome! Congratulations on your new journey!